Email marketing

Keep your clients up to date with regular promotions and exclusive offers.

Email Marketing is an effective way to reach your customers. It is cheaper, quicker and more environmentally friendly than regular mailers. Email Marketing also allows you to contact a much larger audience, almost instantly.

We can design ‘brochure’ type emails to present new promotions to your customers, and can organise these emails to be sent at regular intervals of your choice. Just supply us with your text, images and client database, and we’ll take care of the rest.

We can also produce a template for your regular newsletters, and supply you with easy to use software, which enables you to add new content to each newsletter, and gives you the ability to manage your email marketing.

Also, if you purchase a website package with us, we can include an “add to newsletter form” on your site, enabling customers to join your client database, and enlarge your emailing list.